Riding Mullholland Hwy – ‘The Snake’

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Almost since YouTube has been around, a small patch of road in the hills over Malibu, California has been immortalized on the channel of user rnickeymouse .

The road gained fame both on and off line just as much for its decreasing radius turn as it did for the amount of riders that went down on said turn and were immortalized all over the Internet.

Naturally, the first thing I had to do as soon as I got my bike in Los Angeles was to head straight out there.


First it was out to the ‘Rock Store’, the riders cafe of choice on the road, an equivalent to Pie in the Sky along the Old Pacific Highway in Sydney.


Unfortunately, given it was a weekday, I was the only one there and the same isolation applied to ‘The Snake’ as well with only a lone R1 rider getting his knee down whilst doing laps up and down.

Determined to get a taste of the atmosphere I’d seen online, I headed back out there on a weekend whilst on my way up the California coast and it did not disappoint!


2015-10-14 13_23_44-RockStorePhotos _ PM session 08_23_2014

Riders were streaming up and down the road, others parked up at the infamous corner with folding chairs out with their mates abusing he occasional car that dared to cross the double lines, girls hanging out in Jeeps checking out the riders and most of all, rnickeymouse himself with whom I was lucky enough to have a brief conversation.

For any rider that’s remotely aware of ‘The Internet’ this place is truly mecca that has to be visited to be truly experienced.

2015-10-14 13_22_28-RockStorePhotos _ PM session 08_23_2014

2015-10-14 13_23_59-RockStorePhotos _ PM session 08_23_2014

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