Why do we travel?

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After seeing yet another update from a traveler on my Facebook this morning, I took some time to think about why we travel. Although there is never going to be ONE definitive answer for this, I just felt I’d pen my observations along with my own motivation to travel

– The ‘Vacationers’ – Usually couple or families who love their all-inclusive resorts and sunset dinners. I get it, you like wine.

– The ‘Braggers’ – These are the ones who clog up social media newsfeeds with photos accompanied by smug captions about ‘how hard life is’, ‘traveling is hard work’ or other similarly smug catch phrases directed solely at those not fortunate enough to be on a holiday through exotic lands which may or may not be solely comprised of getting wasted at various pubs/bars/hostels.

– The ‘Counters’ – Yes ! My 2000th country visited !

– The ‘Adventurers’ – The further off the beaten track, the greater the adventure. I’d consider some of these people to be just straight up crazy (in a good way)

– The ‘One Simple Idea’ – Those of us who have one simple notion of a country and drop everything to go chase that dream. I feel I fall mostly into this category. Below are some of the drivers I’ve had for past travels and upcoming journeys

o Cuba – I want to see old cars
o Brasil – Carnaval looks like fun
o Egypt – I want to see a Pyramid
o China & Mexico – I’ve seen all the other Wonders of the World featured on ‘An Idiot Abroad’; I better quickly go see these too

Dreams yet to be realised

o USA – I want to sit in a truck stop diner and hear Southern American accents
o Round the world by motorcycle – I want to see my bikes numberplate somewhere it doesn’t belong

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