MotoHunt 2014 – Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt

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Nearly all motorcyclists are used to weekend rides with friends to our favourite riding roads. While it’s never a disappointing day it takes a certain level of innovation to put a unique twist on it.

Fortunately for the riders of Sydney, University of New South Wales Motorcycle Club (UNSWMC) was able to deliver exactly this with their inaugural MotoHunt event; a motorcycle based scavenger hunt

The day started bright and early at 830am at Bayview Park, Concord with around 30 riders assembled in teams of 2-3, in addition to a great day for riding, no doubt also lured in by the prizes of GoPros and gift vouchers supplied by the event sponsors Frasers Motorcycles and MCAS.

The event truly started at 9am when teams were handed their clues for the day; a list of locations and tasks to tick off the list (with appropriate photo proof) that would earn the teams points according to difficulty.

Whilst we saw a lot of the other teams race off hastily we thought we would tackle this with precise planning and put together an intricate plan around the City and Western Sydney to tick off ALL of the tasks on the page in front of us.

As the morning progressed, we were making great progress through our plan ranging and having our photos taken with Sydneys great landmarks to interrupting newlyweds and police. However it all started to fall apart around midday.

As we waiting in line to purchase a pie at Harrys (one of the items on the list) we realised that there were in fact, 2 pages to the scavenger hunt. Whilst we had been working our way around the City earning 2-10 points per task, the 2nd page was full of 50-100 point items with riding destinations hundreds of kilometres out of Sydney.

We sat down and debated what to do, clearly we were no longer in a position to win, so, we may as well go and look at bikes at Frasers for the rest of the afternoon, which just so happened to be worth a 100 point visit.

As we whiled away the time at Frasers, we got our 2nd wind. Got out our list of tasks, decided to do as many big ticket items in our vicinity as we could and head out to Liverpool with the possibility of working in the Royal National Park to earn an extra 100 or so points

We had a new plan and acted on it. Unfortunately, a small wrong turn and the inability to find a ‘Scenic Route’ sign anywhere along ‘Nasho’ meant that we were the last team back to the meeting point in Concord and 10 minutes past the cutoff time.

To our surprise though, despite our massive oversight of a 2nd page loaded with point, we placed 4th, closely behind those in 3rd. That said, the winning teams were a good 200 points ahead of us, a task which I doubt we could’ve completed even if we had read the complete instructions !

All in all, a great day out and a unique concept by UNSWMC. Look forward to attending more events by these guys and hoping for better luck at next years MotoHunt.

(Photos courtesy of UNSW MC) – More here

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