Riding Australias’ Southern Alpine Loop – Part 2

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After an early night and a good rest, I was up late again. Got the chain cleaned and lubed and faced my first problem. I had wheeled the bike to right in front of my room, over the grassy terrain. Didn’t expect the mornign moisture to turn it into mud. Taught me a lesson in planning where I ride

Went around to the general store to get my breakfast of a couple of chicken burgers, fuel for me, went to the servo, fuel for the bike, time to hit the road.

Today was to be the fun part of the ride, taking in some of the more scenic roads, the remainder of the Alpine Way, the Granya Gap, The Tawonga Gap and arguably one of the best motorcycling roads in Aus. The Great Alpine Road.

The aim for today was the seaside town of Lakes Entrance. My friend had mapped out a town called Bruthen along the Great Alpine Road, but I get a kick out of getting to the ‘end’ of something and even seeing new oceans just to say I have. Started when I got to see the Mediterranean for the first time this year in Egypt. So Lakes Entrance it was

After leaving Khancoban, I headed North-West. I had the choice of taking either the Murray River Highway or the Murray River Road. Not a hard choice! The river road wasnt’t spectacular but it wasn’t bad either, plus I got to see the Murray River, an important waterway i had learnt about in school (who woulda thought I was listening in Geography)

I wasn’t quite sure if I had missed the turn-off to Granya Gap (which I was told was a delicious piece of road) but after one uturn, as the road started twisting and turning, I knew I was o nthe right path 😀

At Mt Granya lookout

Biker friendly services at service stations. Sadly, my helmet remained bug free for all of about 1 minute

Looking out over the next tasty piece of road, the Tawonga Gap. There just happened to be a “Rod Run” on this day. An annual event I found out about whilst stopped here so American muscle cars were plentiful !

I thought about heading into the town of Bright where they would all congregate but I had to keep moving 🙁

After the Tawonga Gap, I was officially on the Great Alpine Road, and the terrain started to change accordingly. The trees appeared ghost like, the road markings were yellow instead of white (for snow visibility I assume), and the road was awesome !

The only thing eating away at me was, that before starting the ascend up the GAR, I had failed to find the service station marked on my map, so fuel was a slight concern, but once I started making my way up to Mt Hotham, a popular ski resort town in winter, all my worries were gone

Towards the top of Mt Hotham, Victoria. This was also an achievement for me as it was the first time I had taken my bike interstate !

I have run wide in the past, however knowing that running wide here meant going straight off the edge…I didn’t really attempt much knee down action. The coloured poles mark the edge of the road, in some places, no barriers, only poles to let you know when you’re screwed

It was sad to have finished the Alpine Road, hope to do it again one day (maybe tomorrow???). Now to focus on and get to Lakes Entrance !

The road down was nice enough but as the sun set, I was getting stressed out…

Finally got into Lakes Entrance and checked into a backpacker hostel, but before I could get too well acquainted with my dorm mates, it was time to try my hand at some fancy photos

After that, it was time to head back, have a meal and socialise with my new British friends !

I shall post up the next 2 days ride tomorrow….will include a new first for my bike. Off road !

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