Dealing with the South Americans… (Pt. 1; Carnaval Accomodation)

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Having booked our flights we once again settled in a lull of inactivity. However, this wouldn’t cut it as certain things such as accommodation, party tickets and of course the visa need to be arranged well in advance.

Our first priority was accommodation. Whilst I’m a strong advocate against booking flights and accommodation so as not to lock myself into a schedule I may not enjoy, in this case, prices rise and availability drops months before Carnaval.
Hence, after much research, we settled upon booking into a 4 bed dorm at Barra Guest Hostel.

Not cheap but we selected this based on a lot of great reviews both on HostelWorld and TripAdvisor and the fact that is was just one street behind the main Barra/Ondina Carnaval circuit. Not great for sleep, but hey, who sleeps during Carnaval?

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