Not quite Inception but the thought of Brasil was planted in my mind…

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I guess the start of any great journey begins with an idea, and this idea was planted in my mind a long time ago, even before Inception made it cool and gave it a term !

Some time around 2nd year Uni (circa 2006) a friend and I were casually walking around campus waiting for our next lecture to begin, out of nowhere, we heard drums. It was at that point that we saw with our eyes for the first time, Brazillian dancers…oh and capoeira and all that jazz too.

Needless to say, I missed out on that weeks content for Macroeconomics (in hindsight, could’ve been a contributing factor to failing), but it was decided. We WOULD go to Brasil.

This was at a time though, where I was earning roughly $100 AUD a week whilst studying, and bar family trips overseas, hadn’t been out on my own. All I knew was, I’d find my way to Brasil one day.

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